Human Interest (HI) is a 401(k) plan provider for small and medium sized businesses. HI has two products: an admin facing platform for the employers and a participant facing platform for the employees. I led the participant onboarding and platform redesign
Time Frame: 3 months
Team: 1 Product Manager, 1 Visual Designer, 1 User Researcher, 6 Engineers
My Main Role: Product Designer     Tools: Mural, Figma, Zoom
Business Goal
Increase the amount of employees participating in HI's 401(k) self-enroll plan within two weeks of eligibility by end of Q3.
The participation rate in self-enroll plans is 42%. Self-enroll plans make up 53% of HI's plans and require employees to opt into their 401(k). 
Reducing the amount of steps during the onboarding flow, distinguishing the steps by level of difficulty and reducing cognitive overload along with investment jargon.
Details coming soon!
50% increase in participation rate of self-enroll plans.

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