During my internship at LI, I worked closely with the founder to redesign their website's information architecture and provide wireframes.
Time Frame: 7 days     Team: Monica Guerrero     Tools: paper, pen, Sketch
The Lapidus Interactive website needed to be updated to match the services and types of work the company was doing. An attempt to redesign the IA had previously been done but was never finished. The amount of information the company wanted to include had become overwhelming.

A small segment of the previous attempt to redesign the LI website.

Wireframes: Below are the wireframes I developed with my hypothesis in mind. My focus was establishing an easy interaction (in green) between the Services page and Work page.
Persona & User Flow: I rapidly developed a persona and user flow with the target user information provided by the founder. This helped foster empathy as I redesigned the information architecture.
Site Map: I created a site map based on the persona and user flow, hypothesizing it would be important for the user to quickly navigate between services and work examples before contacting Lapidus Interactive.
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