Datastory is a data journalism platform with interactive data visualizations for the public to access information concerning Sweden. I initiated and conducted user tests after Datastory's launch. Then, I consolidated the findings, communicated them to the team and proposed solutions to the problems I found. Two examples of the findings are listed below.​​​​​​​
Please note, I did not design the platform.
Time Frame: 2 weeks     Users: 11     Team: Monica Guerrero     Tools: Screenflow, Notion
Most Reoccurring Finding
Finding: Users had difficulty locating the main content (the interactive data visualizations) of the platform. Users initially clicked on the About page instead of exploring the landing page and didn't realize they had to return to the landing page for the main content.
Proposed Solution: Include a Story page in the header where the main data visualizations/stories can easily be found and accessed when on another page.
User, Jacob, went directly to the About page instead of exploring the Home page where the main content of the platform lies and later, couldn't find the main content. 
Second Most Reoccurring Finding
Finding: Users encountered an unexpected function with the tabbed navigation. Once a tabbed was clicked, the screen scrolled down to other content. User expected the information below to slide horizontally to new information.​​​​​​​
Proposed Solution: Meeting user expectations can help reduce cognitive strain and improve the user experience so I proposed the following solution. The tabbed navigation should either be removed or the content underneath it should slide horizontally.
Jacob scrolled to the tabbed navigation and clicked on a tab, but the screen stayed the same. He expressed confusion and began to click on the other tabs to understand the function.
My internship ended shortly after the Datastory's launch. However, the next steps would have been to implement new solutions, retest them and repeat this process for new content, features and design. 
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