The Pasta Haters is an international e-commerce startup with a multi-user platform for vintage retailers, consumers and admin. At TPH, I worked with the founder to redesign the landing page and make it responsive to desktop and mobile devices.
Time Frame: 3 days      Team: Monica Guerrero      Tools: paper, pen, Sketch
I met with the founder to determine her brand's needs; the landing page needed to reflect the quality of a higher fashion e-commerce platform instead of a product search page.
Competitive Analysis: I analyzed the landing pages of TPH's competitors like ASOS, UNIQLO and Nasty Gal. I then met with the founder to present the key take aways and determine what can be applied to TPH and its products. 
Ideation: In a previous project, the TPH retailer dashboard redesign, I found out during user testing that many of the retailers have established businesses with loyal customers. So, I added a new key feature to the landing page; a section that would make this partnership transparent to new consumers and easily accessible to loyal customers.
Wireframes: I roughly sketched various wireframes influenced by the competitive analysis and ideation phase. 
The next steps would have been to quantitatively test user engagement and reiterate the designs according to the findings.
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